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Let's Help Our Garden Grow

The Luhv + Garden is a community generated self-help forum written by the powerful members, read by the public who views the site. Utilize this forum to learn, inspire and to stay connected to individuals who help each other grow while staying motivated with consistency and authenticity. Every post in this space is strictly designed to provide uplifting positive value and or aligned networking opportunities. Share your possibilities and discoveries with the community.


Feel free to speak or write without judgement, allow your true thoughts to be heard and felt, and never be afraid to reach out for collaboration or help. Each person is the star of their own movie and when we come together we co-star. Let's build a galaxy of stars by planting our seeds of our futures today. 

Grow The Garden and Collect Badges & Reward Opportunities



Awarded after 10 impactful posts

Colored Droplets_edited.png

Water & Light

Awarded after 20 

consecutive post

engagements and feedback

Watercolor Cucumber


Awarded after 30 post engagements, feedbacks & shares

Aquarium Decor

Green Thumbs

Awarded after all other badges are collected

Before creating a post you must engage with the most recent post 

Only members get to share their power. Members of the community will be able to walk away with new information and opportunities that provide massive value leaving them feeling inspired and empowered!

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