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Unfiltered Feelings (Anonymous Submissions)

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Anonymous Submission:

Here is a submission from an anonymous sender she says love is painful and she has the receipts to prove it!

Is love painful? You decide!


Anonymous sender: “Love is painful”


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Jun 04

I don’t know all the details but in this situation, Jake is certainly wrong for betraying her. It's heartbreaking to hear that she experienced this betrayal from someone she trusted and cared for.

I think it’s crucial to take the time to truly get to know someone before allowing emotions to cloud judgment. It's a tough lesson to learn, but trusting our intuition and seeing people for who they truly are is crucial. At times, we may be caught up in our emotions and tend to ignore the red flags and instead of seeing the person for who they truly are, we see them for who we want them to be.

Jake's behavior and nonchalant response to her message reveals his true character, showing that he Is not the person she believed him to be. That would not come from a person who is authentically kind and understanding. I hope she takes the time to heal and recognize her worth, deserving someone who genuinely values and respects her.

Love can be a rollercoaster of emotions. It can bring pain as well as heartache, especially when things don't work out as we hoped. However, love can also be incredibly beautiful and fulfilling when shared with the right person. The happiness that comes with being in a loving, healthy and supportive relationship can outweigh the pain experienced along the way. Love is often described as the highest frequency, as it has the power to uplift, heal, and bring out the best in us. With the right person, love can create unforgettable memories, and provide a sense of comfort and security. I believe the key is finding a partner who is aligned with your core identity, someone who truly understands and values you, making the journey of love worthwhile despite the challenges it may bring 🩷




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