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Luhv + Groups & Rooms

Connect your community, coach your students, stay up-to-date with your network or communicate with others taking the same Luhv +Challenges. Join new communities and discover something you didn't know that you needed, learn more about what you know you need to learn more about or simply utilize the Luhv + Groups & Rooms to keep yourself accountable for what you already doing. Whichever way you choose to utilize the groups, it is designed to help you to improve (or reveal) your consistency, commitment, accountability and success by assisting you with tools to communicate effectively, market research and data tracking, with daily or weekly polls, encourage engagement (with multiple button options for expression or interaction), upload media, to document the journey or share information. 


Create groups to challenge yourself as well as others. Create groups to share information, share in each other's accomplishments or create an engagement group to help encourage and inspire turning dreams into reality.

Creating a group or room is an important part of becoming successful, so what would yours look like? 


Create or build your success community by starting a group or room today!

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