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Cru Coins is the All-New Luhv + safe and secure Self-Investment Personal Develpment Digital Currency. Use Cru Coins to purchase items, assests, programs and more. The Cru Coin can also be sold or traded. When sold or traded the Cru Coins are converted into digital dollars in form of a cupon like method valued at the rate of a discount. As of right now, and for a limited time only, each Cru Coin is valued at $.10 cents (the value of Cru Coin is set to rise over time so it would be wise to buy early), so for every $1 you spend you earn 5 Cru Coins (as of now a person can receive 5 Cru Coins for $1 but in the future a person may only receive 2 Cru Coins for $1 ).


Trade conversion example; if you traded away 50 Cru Coins the recipeint would receive a unique digital code in the form of a cupon like method valued at $10 dollars off off

100 Cru Coins


Buy 1 Get 1 25% off

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