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Your InHerG Coach 🔋 I help Build your Battery Back 💡. I help you build confidence and ignite that Self Belief in you to truly Bet on Yourself!

Just like that phone we use every single day, in our lives we need to recharge our roles to receive rewards. With me, you will understand your business love language by defining decisions that destroys self doubt, prioritizing your focus and delegating energy to no longer disappoint yourself!

My heart belongs to real estate and multimedia productions 🇧🇧 📬

Licensed Real Estate agent 🥳 Commercial Investor

Host for The Golden Impact on YouTube 👑

360 video booth owner and educator 👩🏽‍🏫

  • Accountability
    Successfully completing the Self Accountability Accelerator Bootcamp Challenge
  • Lifetime Member
    Lifetime Member
    Committed and recognizes personal development as a priority to financial prosperity
  • Energy Coach
    Energy Coach
    The Golden Impact Energy Coach will provide energy and inspiration!
  • Clear Vision
    Clear Vision
    For those who can clearly see what they want in life and does what it takes to get it
  • Task Chunker
    Task Chunker
    The ability to breakdown goals into smaller manageable chunks, for more efficiency
First Name
Last Name
Commercial Investor | Real Estate Agent | Event Investor and Host
Who are you as a person?
I’m a Mailboxx Millionare, Luhvr, strong Leader and Woman full of rejuvenation and financial prosperity
Do you offer value to others?
Rejuvenation, Positivity, Immaculate Energy, LUHV, intention and more!
How can Luhv + benefit you?
Mindset, better personal choices and family encouragement
My Goal is to own 5 storage facilities, be confident in my decision making and give back more than Ramel 😝
Areas of improvement
Loving me before others and executing right away.
Excited for transformation?
Excited is an understatement 😩‼️
What would success feel like?
Success feels like never having to worry or argue about a bill or $ amount because I have it to spend. Success looks like being more effective with my time and owning it in Barbados and two more countries or islands 😌 success looks like putting on master events for our entrepreneurs and business owners!
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I’m ready!

Jasmine 💎🔋

Lifetime Member
Energy Coach
Clear Vision
Task Chunker
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