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Van Rossum
K. Solomon Consulting
Who are you as a person?
I am motivated to be successful in life. I am kind and love to give back to those who are in need.
Do you offer value to others?
Yes. I Luhv helping people exceed their goals.
How can Luhv + benefit you?
The Luhv Plus app is helping me to become organized, consistent, and discipline in my personal and business life.
My goals are to get organized and reach all my financial goals and teach others.
Areas of improvement
I need to be more consistent in my business and not so easily distracted.
Excited for transformation?
I am excited to transform my mindset to become a better person.
What would success feel like?
Spiritually sound with my family.Millions in insurance policies and investments for my family and healthy and safe and helpings others build wealth.
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Moya Van Rossum🎯💎

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