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Hello everyone, my name is Ian Boston. I can best describe myself as a Down To Earth, Ambitious, Grounded, Personality. I am an aspiring Entrepreneur. I am attracted to motivated, High Vibrating Consciousness and Collective Uplifting, Good Vibes and Good Energy!


Having worked professionally in auto repair for several years and counting, the passion I have for cars is without a doubt clear. I plan to invest in commercial real estate building out a portfolio of properties providing a unique customer experience in this field, which in turn will keep our people moving and feeling confident that their vehicles are in good hands.

I recently joined a mentorship that will help me identify the qualities in myself that need attention in order to bring these aspirations to fruition. In turn, I hope to grow into the individual I aspire to be. Peace and Love be with you all. I am excited to witness and hope to be a part of what lies ahead.

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    Business Planner
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    Diamond Status
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Who are you as a person?
I am a blessed, hard working, analytical, peace maker. An intellectual problem solver, An aspiring entrepreneur who looks to add value by utilizing my skills and talents.
Do you offer value to others?
How can Luhv + benefit you?
I believe Luhv+ can help me master the areas of my mind I struggle with that hinder me from unlocking my truest potential. I want to gain clarity by taking action in areas of my life and ultimately identifying the person I need to become!
Learn to be present in the moment and appreciate it for all that it may be. Learn to appreciate myself better and identify what self love may mean for me and begin to practice it more. I want to stop OVERTHINKING as well. Also staying Consistent.
Areas of improvement
Appreciation, Self Love, Overthinking, Consistency
203 414 7296
Excited for transformation?
What would success feel like?
Peaceful, I believe once im able to identify what success is for me and obtain it, I can begin to operate at the level I was destined too.
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Ian Boston

Business Planner
Diamond Status
Group Talk Star
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