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This Year Become A Better You, And Get In The Room

Welcome to Luhv+ 

A community of Mailbox Millionaires, new entrepreneurs, real estate investors and career professionals!


Leadership Community Club leading with Luhv and Accountability!

We create environments that help entrepreneurs, real estate investors, public speakers, tech wizards and career professionals turn their pain and problems into prosperity and power through accountability and leadership while creating strategic partnerships that produces multiple streams of impact and income that leads generational wealth.


Take your life to the next level with information and application through challenges, courses, live calls and community meet ups. Experience the power of accountability through life changing information, build meaningful relationships within a supportive, loving, high energy community and get in the room with experts and leaders during our Mogul Meet Ups.  The Luhv+ community offers a dating feature within the app with policies that prioritize the safety and comfort of female members to ensure high-quality potential dating suitors and foster meaningful connections.Why sit around and wait for things to happen when you can take action and make things happen! Challenge yourself to create the life you desire by design! It all happens with  intention and EXECUTION, let's get active!

Get Empowered with Luhv + Transformation

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Explore The Possibilities

Welcome to Luhv + Transformation. We understand that life’s challenges and experiences are unique and complex to all individuals and as a result the Luhv + platform was created, and founded by a fully certified coaching professional, to provide you with a place to help you empower yourself effectively, efficiently and collectively. Practice rediscovering yourself or realizing your full potential to make a difference in the world while being connected to a community of high vibrational individuals of love, support, integrity and positive social impact.

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It's Where You Learn To Become More Effective In Less Time

Eliminate procrastination, Unleash your confidence, Connect to your community

Become Connected

If you are a creative, career professional, entrepreneur, real estate investor and you're searching for new ways to connect with others or you're seeking to elevate to the best version of yourself, we’ll help you connect the dots and show you how to progress in a mindful manner that aligns with your vision and goals. Utilize our transformational platform where you can find assignments, practices, guided challenges, groups and the community to help you become the reflection of the life you truly want or join us in person for our Mogul Meet Ups.


In addition to providing support and mentorship in professional endeavors, the Luhv+ community also offers a feature for dating within the app. The platform prioritizes the safety and comfort of its female members by implementing policies that protect women and ensure high-quality potential dating suitors. These policies may include zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior, creating a safe and respectful environment that fosters meaningful connections and relationships in alignment with Luhv+'s values of accountability, empowerment, and support.

Becoming More Effective In Less Time
Becoming More Effective In Less Time
Becoming More Effective In Less Time
Becoming More Effective In Less Time

Becoming More Effective In Less Time

(Shon Crú-May)

Available Now

By Shaun Crumméy

The only difference between a thousandaire and a millionaire is information and time. Your success depends on the information you receive and the amount of time you have to apply it. Information + application = transformation. If you could transform how effective you are with your time you could transform your life. Becoming more effective in less time will help you reach your goals faster and transform your life forever.

Mindset Mogul Cru Shaun Crumméy Shon Crú-May Luhv + Mogul Lifestyle

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