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Shaun Crumméy (Shon Crú-May) @Mindset.Mogul.Cru

Creator and Founder Luhv +

MA | BA | Communications and Multi-Media

Professional Speaker, Author, Sales and Leadership Development, Relationship Coach, and Real Estate Investor

(for Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals)

As a professional speaker, author and founder of Luhv + Transformation, a transformative sales and leadership training platform, I have generated over 2 million dollars in sales and pioneered groundbreaking strategies for success. Growing up in Brooklyn , New York, up losing both parents, I navigated challenges by attending 7 different schools in 9 years, demonstrating resilience and adaptability from a young age. Overcoming obstacles, I triumphed over cancer, showcasing unwavering strength and determination in the face of adversity. Additionally, I conquered GERD where i lost a remarkable 55 pounds in just 41 days, embodying a commitment to wellness and personal growth. As a relationship coach and advocate for women empowerment, I empower individuals to transform their relationships and finances, achieving significant milestones and impacting lives globally through mentorship programs and accountability initiatives.

In 2020, Shaun Crumméy, also known as The Mindset Mogul Coach Cru, created his first-ever 6-figure business— Luhv + — helping individuals transform their lives and change their relationship with themselves, others, their careers as well as beliefs around money and creating opportunity. He partnered up with his two brothers to create and cultivate a community centered around commercial real estate and personal to business development, known as The Mailbox Millionaire Academy. Collectively the brothers continue to build a strong community of well over 100+ students and a commercial real estate portfolio worth over $3MM with 32 rental units and counting. 


As seen in Yahoo, Forbes, NY Weekly, LA Weekly, Black Enterprise, The Good Men Project and much more, Coach Cru is creating tremendous impact on others with two components, in particular his dynamic accountability & productivity app and his inspirational speeches. Shaun is such a positive influence within his community and his goal is to help others do the same, through love, connectivity and financial prosperity.  


"I've created this platform for individuals, such as entrepreneurs, to come together to level-up in their careers, businesses, relationships or any other area of their lives they desire. A safe, respectful, healing place to practice getting what you want in life by  pushing beyond your current limitations.


This is where the future meets the present  


As a consultant and coach, I've been hired to help build company culture and develop leaders. I specialize in alignment by helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them anxiety, stress and or fear. Personally I believe in solid genuine support for others and their journey's. I have gratitude for the progress and success of the people who choose to work and discover with me, as we look forward toward a beautiful journey living a fruitful life with freedoms, wealth, love, healing, great health, deep inner connection and positive energy vibrations, all in abundance."


Luhv plus, transformation, personal development, business development
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