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Are you struggling to balance your paychecks and expenses each month? Do you feel like you never have enough money to achieve your goals in life? If so, Budget Like A Billionaire, by James L. Carr is the perfect guide for taking control of your finances and building your wealth. This book provides a practical step-by- step approach to budgeting like a billionaire by utilizing multiple different accounts. It covers topics such as how to set up multiple savings and checking accounts across various banks, how to set up automatic withdrawals and transfers to pay your bills, and how to use your budget to save up to twelve months of emergency funds. Working the budget offers readers a sound understanding of budgeting and to how to use it to achieve their financial goals. We will also discuss different ways to increase the speed at which you can add to all your other accounts and more!


Get your copy and start budgeting like a billionaiare!

Budget Like A Billionaire

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