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The Self Mastery Challenge is an book designed to help individuals achieve self-mastery by developing habits that support their vision and eliminating habits that hold them back. The e-book explores the concept of the habit loop, which involves understanding the three components of a habit: cue, routine, and reward. By understanding the habit loop, individuals can identify and change patterns of behavior that are holding them back.


The book provides daily prompts, tips, and strategies to help individuals master their habits, stay motivated, and track their progress. Self-mastery involves taking control of one's thoughts, emotions, and actions to achieve desired outcomes. Self-awareness and self-regulation are key components of self-mastery, and developing positive habits is essential to achieving it.


The habit loop is a powerful tool for understanding and changing habits, and the e-book provides strategies and tips for identifying and changing habits, setting achievable goals, and creating accountability.

Habit Mystery Challenge

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