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The world of online entrepreneurship is filled with a myriad of tips and tricks on how to make quick money or sell mediocre products. But what if you aspire to create something truly game-changing and innovative? In "Innovative Entrepreneur," you'll learn how to think like a visionary and execute your groundbreaking ideas successfully.

Through this book, you'll discover the incredible potential of the internet and how it's changing the world of business. You'll also explore the most innovative business models that have emerged in recent times and learn how to apply their strategies to your own endeavors.


The author shares tricks and strategies that will help you unlock your creativity and generate ideas that have real potential to make a difference. You'll also learn how to evaluate your ideas to determine if they have legs, secure funding and support, avoid common pitfalls, and ultimately execute your vision.


With "Innovative Entrepreneur," you'll learn how to harness the power of the internet and build something truly novel and groundbreaking. You'll also learn how to market your ideas effectively, protect your intellectual property, and scale your business for maximum profit. If you're ready to unlock your inventiveness and creativity, and potentially come up with a single idea that changes the world, then this book is for you.

Innovative Entrepreneur (PLR)

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