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Without seeking to be too presumptuous, we are going to throw this out for your consideration. Everyone at some time in their life has had to make or take a course correction. The change in direction could be either intentional or unintentional. It could be happily or under duress. Fair? Funny enough, it seems that a current idea in society is that pivoting just started in 2020. We submit to you that pivoting has been happening since the beginning of time. We are all proof positive of that.

We welcome you to this declaration of an unlikely group of collaborators, that “life happens.” In the words of Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still, I rise!’ We all have done that!

In these pages you will find stories of the underdogs, the overqualified, the experts the disenfranchised, and the unlikely. Stories that will make you chuckle, cringe, smile, research, do some work and, most importantly, have hope. You will be able to agree in your heart that if we did, you can too.

The authors who have penned these words you will read have embraced challenges and turned them into triumphs and are committed to helping you do the same. Our backgrounds and experience represent various industries, ages, cultural origins, and expertise levels hailing from the East Coast of the US, stretching from Connecticut to Florida. This lets you know what you probably can already attest to… People are the same no matter where you go. We are. However, the difference between the losers and the winners is that the winners get up again. The authors who have contributed to the work, Pivot: Thriving in Times of Change, are winners in the truest sense of the word. They have not only stood the test of time, some for more years than other, they are beacons of light to the world around them that life must go on. Just like the show.

Do you have challenges to overcome in your life such as educational, financial, employment, health, relationships or the lack of peace and joy? It will be within these pages that you will find a gleamer of possibility for yourself. We don’t promise miraculous turnarounds, which would be a disservice to you. We can promise that you’ll be able to connect a few more dots or add another missing piece or two to your life’s puzzle.

Pivot: Thriving in Times of Change


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