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This eBook is one of the best personal cheat codes to accelerate financial literacy and generate wealth. The main objective is getting everyone top accelerated results to their personal financial goals while strengthening and developing yourself to maximize your funding from personal credit.


Completion of this eBook you will:

  • Understand steps on how to clean a credit report 

  • Know how to build a 750+ credit score.

  • How to obtain high limit credit cards and hide the utilization.

  • Learn how to travel for FREE or pennies on a dollar. 

  • Create a new stream of income.

  • Know how to leverage credit to grow and scale your business.




Let’s educate ourselves by understanding the basics of credit. Credit is the trust in which goods or services are provided to individual/individuals wherein the party/parties does not reimburse the creditor immediately the full payment, repayment can be made in the future. In this eBook, we will be going through the step-by- step process to understand and improve your credit.


Credit scores are used to determine your risk factor for future loans. The three-digit score is a numerical representation which indicates how risky a borrower you are from a lender’s point of view. A higher credit score can help improve the terms and conditions you qualify for. For example, your credit scores impact the outcome and interest you will receive when you buy a home, finance or lease a car, rent an apartment, apply for a job, buy insurance, purchase a cell phone, or open a new credit card. The first step to credit repair is grasping how credit reporting works.


The Financial Cheat Code & DIY Hard Inquiry Removal Guide Bundle

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