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Creating  A Better World While Creating A Better Me

There isn't a better moment in time to help build a community to create better opportunities other than the present moment! Luhv + Contributors are individuals and groups that support the growth and expansion of the tools  for transformation, through the Luhv + platform. Become a contributor and add your positive impact and value to our Luhv + community.

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Contributors will be eligible for benefits in accord with donation amount 

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$100 or less




$500 or more


Benefits of Contributing
Being part of history as we aim to become the 1st Self Development Platform in the meta verse 
•Listed as a contributor on the Luhv + Platform
Helping Individuals realize their potential
Exclusive downloadable items
•Be the 1st to know about new offerings
•1hr Free Consultation 
••Free access to select events
••Free access to select downloadable assets
•••1 customized coupon for 100% off any Luhv + Association event

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Our Story

The greatest gift we could give someone is love. Let's share Lin love, let's operate from love and let's be the reflection of love.
Luhv +  began as a private consulting company for company culture and leadership . The same powerful transformational tools  CEO's and High-level Professionals use  are now available for exclusive access via the Luhv + platform. This luxury mindset development platform bridges the gap between the past and the future connecting individuals to a happier, healthier, prosperous and a more abundant present. We are committed to transformation through developing the mind to evolve perspectives centered around wellness, mindfulness, health, relationships, leadership, business career and character. to master your mind, elevate your life and simplify your success.

Luhv + Contributors

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