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Unfiltered Feelings (Anonymous Submissions)

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Anonymous Submission:

Here is a submission from an anonymous sender says woman say they are naturally masculine and men are naturally feminine and says here are the receipts to prove it!

Are women naturally masculine? And men naturally feminine? You decide!


Anonymous Sender: "Who/What is responsible for her perception?

Modern western women believes that a woman’s natural state is masculine. Furthermore, she also believes that a man’s natural state is to be feminine but it’s frowned upon in society.



"Is this the reason why modern women believe that men are responsible for a woman to present themselves as feminine?"

Are we confused or does she have a point?

What are y’all unfiltered feelings?





Tamoa Danielle
Mr  Brooklyn Business
Jasmine 💎🔋
Unknown member
Jul 03

Wild. People avoid addressing their energy period whether its masculine or feminine in the moment, not even addressing you will never know. It's a sad case, the world is so divided when it shouldn't be. SMH Men vs. women masculine vs. feminine not it, its giving trauma that likes to grow.



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