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Welcome Beautiful family‼️ Quick recap from the accountability call this morning 😊 🔥 Pure Intention over here

Steps to get situated on the app:

Step 1 : Fill out your Profile ( Use your Real Name)

Step 2 : Join the Luhv + Community Room ( In groups and rooms) ( You can make a post, connect, share, etc!) HERE

Step 3 : Join Accountability Accelerator Program (In groups and rooms) (Insert your comments for the day) DAILY

Step 4 : Join the Clarity challenge. ( In challenges group) CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK

Step 5 : Look for the members chat with your coaches group chat name

(They have to add you in once you set up your profile)

For Help Reach out to:

Your Coach

Queen Moya

King Ian Bostoni

Your accountability Partners

Search the App and Luhv Bot


Sunshine - Accountability Advisor

Jasmine Rubie - EnnerG Coach

Tamoa Danielle - Clarity Coach

Apoleen/ Magic Mogul - Accountability Coach

Moya - The Community Relationship Manager

Shaine Wolfe
Ivan Deleon


Welcome to our community room group! Community rooms provid...


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